The “100 Years of Beauty” series by The Cut has taken the Internet by storm for months. Now it’s inspired producer Kayla “La La” Rodriguez to show the changing beauty styles of the Dominican Republic.

Rodriguez went beyond the hairdo transitions and make-up changes and gave fans a second “behind the looks” video too, revealing which historical figures inspired each look. She explains, for example, how the 1910’s “campesina style” was inspired by rural farmer activist Mama Tingo and the 1940’s glamorous look was inspired by Hollywood star María Montez. And, yes, she even explains why Dominican women poured beer on their hair in the 1980s.

Rodriguez didn’t shy away from some of the darker moments in Dominican history either, using dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo’s daughter, Angelita, as the inspiration for the 1930s look.

Read more at HuffPost Latino Voices.

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