Yesterday the Hillary Clinton campaign posted an official ad on its YouTube page showing an emotional exchange between the Democratic presidential candidate and a little girl who is afraid that her parents will get deported.

Under the title “Brave,” the one-minute shows footage of a February 14 event in Las Vegas.

“My parents, they have a letter of deportation. I’m scared they are going to be deported,” the little girl says.

Later in the video, Clinton consoles the little girl and says the following:

“You’re being very, very brave, and you have to be brave for them, too,” she says. “Let me do the worrying. I’ll do all the worrying, is that a deal?”

After Clinton and the little girl hug while others watch, including prominent DREAMer activist Astrid Silva to the right of Clinton, voters are asked to “Caucus for Hillary this Saturday at 11am” in Nevada.

The release of the campaign video comes at a time when the fight for Nevada’s Latino vote in this Saturday’s Democratic caucus has reached a fever pitch. According to Adrian Carrasquillo of Buzzfeed, the Bernie Sanders campaign has been trying to make inroads with Nevada’s young Latino millennials, who comprise half of all millennials in the state. The latest polls predict a very close race and the push to get Latino voters could sway the election.

Immigration has become a contrasting issue between both Sanders and Clinton, especially since their Wisconsin debate last Thursday. Latino surrogates for both candidates have also made it a contentious issue.

UPDATE: NBC News has identified the little girl in the photo as 10-year-old Karla Ortiz:

“I’m proud that I finally met the lady that might be the president. I’m going to be a lawyer, but if she’s still gonna to be the president, I would love to meet her in the White House and I could explain to her all the thank yous, she needs to have love,” Karla said.

Karla said she didn’t know about Bernie Sanders and would research him. She said she hadn’t decided who she would vote for if she could vote because she doesn’t know anything about Sanders.

Meanwhile, Karla said she prays every night at her bed for her parents and Clinton: “I have a Guadalupe and I go to her and I cry.”

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