A new Op-Doc (Opinion Documentary) from The New York Times released today explores the complexity of race and identity among Latinos living in the United States. The video is part of the outlet’s ongoing“Conversation on Race” series. As the doc’s authors conclude about the responses they received from the people they interviewed:

Before we could even discuss racism and the challenges Latinos face in this country, though, we had to define the term “Latino.” When we asked our interviewees, their responses were wide-ranging. For some, Latino identity is a political stance involving both race and nationality, while others found the label deeply constraining. Most pointed to the frustrations of being stereotyped, marginalized and demeaned. The people we spoke with were vulnerable, and their stories illuminating, but most of what we took from them is that we need far more examination of this crucial segment of the American population.

The Times has also created a page that asks for contributions from the online public.

NPR’s Latino USA has been addressing this very complex topic for years. Here are just a few segments our team has produced in the last year that focus on Latino identity in the U.S.:

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