Inequality and Climate Change

Wednesday, March 9

Watch the full video here.

Even in a good year, California doesn’t have enough water. Today the state is coping with its worst drought in 1,200 years. Global warming will bring even more changes in California’s climate. It is expected to see more intense storms, longer dry periods and less snowpack.

It is a crisis that impacts everyone but especially communities of color. What is being done in California to address this inequity? Join award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa from NPR’s Latino USA for a spirited conversation on “Inequality and Climate Change.”

Panelists include:

This week, NPR’s Latino USA focused on how the water crisis is affecting the Central Valley:

The March 9 Sacramento event is sponsored by The California Endowment and kicks off with a short theater performance directed by Marie Acosta, Sacramento’s Latino Center of Art & Culture. It is open to the public but pre-registration is encouraged.

Inequality and Climate Change

Wednesday, March 9th


Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative

4625 44th Street

Sacramento, CA

You can also follow the conversation on Twitter @LatinoUSA #ClimateChange

Watch the full video here.

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