Intra-Latino stereotypes: yes, you know they exist, and now all of us here at Latino USA want you to share your examples with us. As my colleague and the show’s senior producer Daisy Rosario says in the video she did from California this week, your story could be part of a future Latino USA episode!

So how does that happen? It’s simple: record yourself (smartphones are perfectly fine for this) and start talking. When you record, tell us your name and where you’re from. When you tell your story (keep it to one or two minutes, tops), do it as if you are talking to a friend about your intra-Latino stereotype examples. Have fun with it and be yourself.

When your memo is done, email it to me at this link, using the subject line: INTRA-LATINO STEREOTYPE.

And if a voice memo is not your thing, you can tweet your stories to @LatinoUSA, post your comments below or add them to on our Facebook page.

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