On April 15, NPR’s Latino USA is premiering SMOKED OUT, our newest show about how marijuana policy is impacting communities of color in the United States. In anticipation of the April 15 show, our friends at Remezcla have created “Weed Week,” a collaboration between the both of us.

Remezcla editor Andrea Gompf explains:

…we’ve teamed up with our friends at Latino USA for Weed Week, a cross-platform collaboration that will dive into the many ways cannabis culture and policy intersect with Latino communities–all leading up to LUSA’s marijuana-themed episode, airing on Friday.

Together, we’ve talked to artists about how weed informs their creative process, examined how legalizing marijuana in Puerto Rico might help solve the island’s debt crisis, explored the new frontier of dispensary edibles in heavily Latino regions (weed tamales are now a thing!), and looked at how Latino communities continue to be impacted by drug policy. We’ve also come up with some useful guides for you – from ganja-themed streams on Netflix, to pacheco products by Latinos, and a Spanish weed slang glossary, so you know how to score no matter where you may be.

To follow Weed Week, bookmark this page or follow @REMEZCLA on Twitter.

And don’t forget: our SMOKED OUT show drops this Friday April 15 here on

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