A new ad from Aeroméxico spends over a minute talking about borders and taking aim at Donald Trump’s campaign position that Mexico should build and pay for a wall. The ad debuted in Spanish on April 30 at Aeroméxico’s YouTube, getting over 330,000 views. On May 10, the Mexican airline posted the same Spanish-language video on its Facebook page. That posting earned an additional 334,000 views

Eventually, an English version was also posted online:

Ogilvy & Mather México is the agency credited for producing the ad. As Ad Week writes, “The copy even touches on issues of intolerance toward others’ religions or sexual orientation, decrying the fact that we wall ourselves off from others—or worse, engage in abuse and discrimination—simply because “someone didn’t want anything to do with someone next door.”

While online reaction to the ad has been mostly positive, some are making sure to remind the Internet that Aeroméxico had to apologize three years ago for a casting call announcement saying that no dark-skinned people need audition.

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