This week, all of us here at Latino USA are following the news from Orlando with heavy hearts. It’s a tragedy that hits especially hard because of how it touches the Latino and LGBTQ communities.

We’ll be talking more about Orlando next week for our PRIDE show and we want to hear from you, our listeners, our family.

This shooting happened in a gay nightclub, a place where LGBTQ people went to feel safe and have fun. And we know that especially for queer Latinos, finding a safe space can be really hard.

If you identify as LGBTQ and Latino, Latina or Latinx, we want to hear about where you go in your home or your town, in your community that’s a safe space. Where do you go to feel welcome, to hang out with friends, to just be yourself? We may use your story on air.

Use your phone to record a voice memo and send it to our digital media director Julio Ricardo Varela at

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