The 2016 presidential elections have caused a couple career moves this summer. In the beginning of June, the head of Hispanic media relations with the Republican National Committee resigned after sharing that she was uncomfortable “in a job where she has to work to elect Donald Trump.” As June comes to an end, a three-time award-winning journalist has resigned from her career in journalism to start a career in activism. The common denominator? Trump.

Viridiana Vidal, former political reporter and primetime main anchor for Univision in Las Vegas, was influenced to leave a career she loves when she heard Trump say the words: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best” – way before he became the presumptive nominee for the Republican party.

“I decided to leave a career that gave me three Emmys, a career that I love, because journalism for me is the other love of my life. But this was the right decision because I’m fighting for a better future for my daughter, an American citizen. I don’t want her to live in a country where she’s seen as less than American or less of anything just because she has a Mexican heritage,” Vidal shared in a personal video posted on YouTube.

In the video, the former reporter said that there were stories that she couldn’t share as a journalist that she can now share as an activist.

“I’m fighting not for my dreams, but for my daughter’s dreams. I’m fighting for my daughter’s future and for the futures of millions of families that are here in this country to fight for a better future for their families,” said Vidal.

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