A July 7 poll from Pew Research Center has Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 66%-24% with registered Latino voters.


When Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is added to the poll, Clinton numbers drop to 58%, Trump decreases to 20%, with Johnson getting 13% of Latino support.

In terms of polls from previous election cycles, Pew added the following:

At a somewhat later point in the campaign four years ago, Barack Obama’s lead over Mitt Romney among Hispanics was comparable to Clinton’s lead over Trump today (69%-21%). And in the summer of 2008, Obama led John McCain 66%-23% among Hispanic voters.

According to national exit polls conducted after the 2012 election, Obama garnered 71% of the Hispanic vote (27% voted for Romney). Obama’s national vote share among Latinos was the highest for a Democratic candidate since 1996, according to an analysis of the exit polls by Pew Research Center.

The Pew report also reported that Clinton has a 71%-19% lead over Trump with Latino millennials and a 65%-26% lead with Latinos over 36. Latino millennials, according to Pew, make up roughly half (44%) of  the 27.3 million Latinos eligible voters in 2016.

In addition, Pew broke the poll results by language dominance:

Clinton holds an 80%-11% lead among Hispanic voters who are bilingual or Spanish-dominant (those who are more proficient in Spanish than English); these voters make up about 57% of all Latino registered voters. However, among the smaller group of Hispanic voters (43%) who are English-dominant – those who are more proficient in English than Spanish – just 48% back Clinton (41% would vote for Trump).


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