A new poll of Latino voters released Monday by Univision shows Hillary Clinton with a 48-point lead over Donald Trump. According to the poll, which interview 1,000 Latinos in the United States, between July 1 and July 10, the presumptive Democratic nominee got 67% of Latino support, compared to her Republican opponent’s 19%.


These latest numbers are in line with other recent polls of Latino voters, including a July 7 Pew poll and the weekly tracking poll from Florida International University/Adsmovil. The Pew poll has Clinton leading Trump 66%-24% in a head-to-head matchup. When Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is added to the Pew poll, Clinton’s support drops to 58%, with Trump at 20% and Johnson at 13%. The latest FIU/Adsmovil number has Clinton at 80% and Trump at 13%.

The Univision poll also shared the following findings:

  • In regards to Clinton’s remarks regarding her private email server and the FBI investigation about that issue, “a sizeable 42% consider her to be a liar while only 39% hold the opposite view.”
  • 73% said they believe Trump is a racist. In addition, 76% of Latino voters are opposed to Trump’s promise of building a wall along the southern border, while 19% support the idea.

You can read all the findings at this Univision News link.

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