In what is fast becoming its own Facebook video genre, a new video from Pero Like features the personal story of Alejandro Toro, an actor born to a Puerto Rican father and Venezuelan mother. According to Toro’s bio, as a young child, the Miami-born Toro relocated to Margarita Island, Venezuela with his family. He returned to the United States in 2010. As of this posting, Toro’s video has gotten more than 2 million views in 16 hours.

As Toro posted on his own Facebook page:

This is a very emotional video I recently had The opportunity to produce with the very talented Gadiel Delorbe, a Dominican who has joined me in raising awareness about our beautiful Venezuela and its current struggles. Please share, let’s save the world! “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” MLK

Not surprisingly, when it comes to the topic of Venezuela, president Nicolás Maduro and the country’s current crisis, reactions to Toro’s video have been both positive and negative. Here are just two examples from Pero Like’s Facebook page:

“What Is Going On In Venezuela? Short answer, we are experiencing the results of left-wing politics which are based on controls… controls on the economy ending free market, controls on guns disarming law-abiding citizens and disarming the police forces and giving those weapons to criminals that support the regime, controls on the education system making it a tool for indoctrination, and finally controls on the food supplies resulting in people being dominated because if you don’t eat you’ll die.”

“What we all need to understand is that the current situation in Venezuela is mostly due to the US led efforts to sabotage and destabilize the country. If the government didn’t have to deal with all of the US attacks, they could focus more time in bettering the country for their people. At the end of the day, this is a battle about who is going to control that country’s oil; will it be the people of Venezuela or will it be the US and their puppets? If you REALLY care about Venezuela and their people, do your part by telling the US government “HANDS OFF OF VENEZUELA!!” They are a sovereign country and their people have voted to have a revolutionary government and although the US may not like it, they HAVE to respect it! Don’t forget that event President Jimmy Carter’s foundation that was witness to several elections in Venezuela said that they have the best electoral process in the world. They have a TRUE democracy! Que viva Venezuela! Que viva Chavez! Que viva Maduro! US OUT of Venezuela!!”

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