The four-point bump Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received in last week’s New Latino Voice (NLV) tracking poll has virtually disappeared in this week’s poll, but instead of seeing those numbers move to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton after her convention in Philadelphia, the “Other” category saw its highest increase since May.

This week’s results, which sampled 2,482 online Latino voters from July 26-July 31, show Clinton at 76%, Trump at 13% and “Other” at 11%. During the week of May 10, “Other” was at 15% and had not reached double-digits since the newest NLV poll. The highest number Clinton achieved so far was 81% during the week of July 5. Trump’s highest number of 16% happened right after the conclusion of the Republican National Convention.


Another finding from this week’s poll, conducted by Florida International University and Hispanic advertising firm Adsmovil, says that more Latina woman (16%) would choose “Other” over Trump (13%).


This week’s version of the NLV poll also focused on the swing state of Florida, and those numbers virtually align with NLV’s current national numbers.


Latino USA has been publishing results of the NLV poll since April. For a summary of the poll’s methodology, click here. The full poll results for this week are below.

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