The latest New Latino Voice (NLV) online tracking poll from Florida International University and Hispanic mobile advertising company Adsmovil has Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump by 60 points with Latino voters.

This week’s poll, which ran from August 1–August 7, has Clinton at 75%, Trump at 15% and Other at 10%. (Click here for previous polls.)


Clinton has peaked at 81% during the course of the NLV poll, while Trump’s best numbers have been at 17%. Since April, NLV has polled more than 200,000 online Latinos. Its results have been in line with more traditional polls, such as the ones from Univision/Washington Post and Telemundo/NBC News/WSJ.

For the second week in a row, the poll focused on Florida, with Clinton’s numbers remaining at around 76% and Trump moving closer to 14%.


Each week, the poll also asks respondents about this election season’s most important topic. Immigration continues to consistently top the list:


When asked about this week’s results, FIU professor Eduardo Gamarra told Latino USA the following:

As you can see the poll continues to show enormous consistency. Secretary Clinton’s numbers dropped a bit and Mr. Trump’s rose some. Both continue to move within their normal range so there are no surprises. Immigration continues to be the principal issue for Latinos; this week it rose considerably, although it is difficult to explain why there was an increase in this issue. Security dropped a bit but note that it has not dropped under 15 since Orlando. Clearly, if we were to combine economy and employment into a single variable, it would be evident that economic issues are the most important to Latinos.

Our second Florida poll shows that Republicans continue to face a large Latino problem. It will be interesting to observe how this moves in the next few weeks.

You can read this week’s full findings below:

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