When Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez appeared on MSNBC last Thursday and warned a national television audience that a Hillary Clinton presidency would lead to “taco trucks on every corner,” no one thought that #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner would become an overnight Internet sensation. It did, and this past Saturday, Latino USA anchor and executive producer Maria Hinojosa appeared on AM Joy to give her take. Here is what she said:

The immediate reaction that I have is that the tone of the conversation nationally seems to have really gotten internalized by people like Marco Gutierrez, where now all of a sudden it’s not enough that there’s a sense of Latino hate, and actually I’m using that term very specifically because in my reporting that’s what we’re hearing. And on Latino USA, that’s what we’re hearing as well—a sense of Latino hate, but now you have un mexicano saying this about himself.

Now, look the truth is, Joy, you know, that the demographics are in fact, that is true: Latinos and Asians are the fastest-growing demographic groups in our country, so it is going to happen. The United States of America is going to become more Latino, more Asian. But this notion that it’s something bad?

I mean, seriously, when I was little girl growing up in Chicago, I would have to travel from my neighborhood to go to the Mexican barrio to buy my chipotle cans of chile that my mom… it was so special. Chipotle. Óyeme, there’s Chipotle everywhere now. And everybody says, “Chipotle.” ¿Y qué? And what? Are we are a worse country? Are we going down the tubes?

Many people are saying that what happened on Thursday [Trump’s Wednesday immigration speech] with this… not softening… but rather, hardening of the immigration stance, is that Donald Trump lost the election. He will not be able to move those numbers with Latino voters.

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