In the aftermath of his August 30 immigration speech and #TacosTrucksOnEveryCorner, Donald Trump has dropped to a new all-time low of 10.7%, according to the latest New Latino Voice (NLV) tracking poll conducted last week by Florida International University and Hispanic mobile advertising company Adsmovil. The August 30–September 5 online poll showed the Republican candidate in third place, behind Hillary Clinton’s 76.8% and 12.5% for Other. The previous NLV poll  from the last week of August reported a low for the Republican candidate of 11.2%.

Trump did better this week with men, as opposed to last week, when he did better with women. The national portion of the poll sampled 2,564 online Latinos.

Economy and immigration were two issues that were prominent in the poll, both at 22%.


Trump may have reached a national all-time low this week, but in Florida, he has less than 10% support.


You can read the entire poll results below:

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