A new Univision poll of Latino voters in four key swing states shows Hillary Clinton with significant leads over Donald Trump, although some of those leads do not match the Latino margins Barack Obama had over Mitt Romney in 2012.

According to the poll, Clinton has leads with Latinos over Trump in Florida (53-29), Arizona (68-18), Colorado (62-17) and Nevada (65-19).

(Graphic by Univision)

But when compared to 2012, Clinton’s Latino support in these four swing states is less than what Obama got.

(Image by Univision)
(Graphic by Univision)

Buzzfeed’s Adrian Carrasquillo reported that these poll numbers, when compared to Obama’s 2012 numbers, are worrying Democrats and Latino groups, resulting in a more concerted effort to register new voters and drum up more enthusiasm for Clinton during Hispanic Heritage Month.

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe and Scott Clement also examined Clinton’s Latino numbers and how “more than 4 in 10 voters in each state” say “[Clinton] is a liar — including 49 percent in Nevada.” As O’Keefe and Clement write, “Other national polls show that Clinton is viewed unfavorably by a majority of all American voters. Her campaign has acknowledged that she must do more to present a more positive message and explain what she would do as president.”

To access the entire Univision poll, go here. A follow-up poll for these same four states will occur in October as well as before the November election.

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