In a little over a week, a starting goal of $3,000 has reached almost $400,000 in relief for an elderly man and his wife in Chicago.

89-year-old paleta salesmen Fidencio Sánchez will receive the campaign proceeds in a ceremony on Wednesday, September 21, at Paletería Y Nevería Poncho, the same business where Sánchez worked for many years.

The GoFundMe campaign started after Joel Cervantes Macías and Joe Loera were driving down the Little Village neighborhood in Chicago when they spotted Sánchez pushing a popsicle cart.

Macías and Loera will be present at the ceremony to present the elderly vendor with a check for the donations from the GoFundMe campaign.

“My wife and I first and foremost want to thank God for everything and especially for his angels Joel and José,” said Sanchez in a press release posted on the campaign’s official site. “We also want to thank all the generous people around the world for their kindness and love. May God bless all of them.”

The GoFundMe campaign will continue taking donations until 4:30pm CT today. After that time, it will officially end.



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