Donald Trump’s support with Latino voters continues to stay stuck at around the 11 percent mark in the latest release of the New Latino Voice (NLV) online tracking poll, conducted by Florida International University and Hispanic mobile advertising company Adsmovil.

The September 6–12 version of the tracking poll, which has been running since April, puts Trump in third place with 11.2% of Latino support, with Other at 13.6% and Hillary Clinton at 75.2%. (For a summary of the poll’s methodology, click here.)


The previous version of the poll had Trump at 10.7%.

When this week’s poll focused solely on Florida, the Republican candidate is not faring any better, earning 11.9% Latino support to Clinton’s 74.6% and Other’s 13.4%.


The Miami-Dade portion of the poll shows Clinton at 72.7%, Trump at 14.1% and Other at 13.2%.


The NLV results have been consistent with other national Latino polls, including the newest NALEO Educational Fund/Noticias Telemundo/Latino Decisions tracking poll, whose first week was released on Monday. In that poll, 71% of Latino respondents chose Clinton, 18% chose Trump, 5% chose someone else and 6% were undecided. (The co-founders of Latino Decisions work with the Clinton campaign on other polling, and they have gone on record to say that they are not involved with these types of national Latino polls.)

The NALEO/Telemundo/LD poll also said that “60 percent of Latino registered voters reported that they had not been contacted by a campaign, political party or organization.”

The toplines from this week’s NLV poll are below:

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