A new tracking poll released Monday from the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) Education Fund, Telemundo and Latino Decisions is offering a detailed look into the mood of Latino voters less than 60 days before Election Day.

Here are the top 10 takeaways from the poll:

Clinton has a commanding lead over Trump. Clinton has 71% support and Trump has only 18%.

Passing comprehensive immigration reform is still the top priority for Latino voters. 30% of respondents listed it first. The second priority was job creation at 20%.

Political campaigns are not doing a good job with Latino outreach. 61% of respondents said they have not been contacted by a campaign in this election cycle.

Trump’s comments about immigrants are racist. Seven out of 10 Latinos agreed with that statement.

Clinton has trust issues with Latinos. 50% of respondents said they don’t find Clinton trustworthy.

Trump doesn’t care about the Latino community. 80% said he didn’t care, with only 20% saying he did.

How candidates talk about immigrants and immigration issues is very important. 74% of respondents said so.

Donald Trump’s unfavorables are at 70%, while Hillary Clinton’s favorables are at 65%. Trump’s total favorables are at 25% and Clinton’s unfavorables are at 30%.

43% of respondents say Republicans are being hostile to Latinos. Conversely, 59% of respondents think Democrats are doing a good job.

There is more enthusiasm for the 2016 election than there is for the 2012 election. 48% said they were more enthusiastic to vote in 2016. 31% were more enthusiastic in 2012. 

The full topline results are below:

Editor’s note: Latino Decisions’ co-founders conduct separate polling for the Clinton campaign. They are not associated with this NALEO tracking poll.

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