With the first presidential debate expected to reach Super Bowl viewership numbers, Latino USA and Futuro Media Group political editor Julio Ricardo Varela asked our listeners what issues pertaining to Latinos and Latin America they think the debate would miss:

Here is what our listeners have told us so far:

Listeners also had more to say on Facebook:

“The US diplomatic role in internal Latin American affairs e.g. the recently concluded talks with las FARC y Colombia.”

“What will be missing: that Latinos view the economy as a primary concern.”

“Foreign policy as it touches Latin America past building a wall. The impact the growing Latinx, as well as other minorities, should have on policy and future direction.”

“EDUCATION – has been unfortunately missing in our conversations.”

“What is their position on Puerto Rico financial crisis, the Fiscal Control Board who’s taking over the local government.”

“If no one can enter the White House without our vote, how can anyone justify not having a Latino moderator? How is this possible in 2016?”

What do YOU think will be missing? Leave your comments below or tweet us @LatinoUSA.

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