Hillary Clinton’s support with Latino voters is at 83% nationally while Donald Trump is at around 11%, according to the latest New Latino Voice (NLV) online tracking poll from Florida International University and Hispanic mobile advertising company Adsmovil.


This is the first time since the summer that the weekly tracking poll, active since April, reported a number for Clinton greater than 80%. Before this week’s 83% result, Clinton’s highest number was 81% in July. Her lowest since July was 74%. In contrast, Trump’s 10.6% this week is his lowest number since April. His highest number was 17.2% in June.


Trump also saw a significant decrease with Florida’s Latino voters in this week’s poll, which was conducted days after the first presidential debate. The pre-debate NLV poll had Trump with 29.3% of Latino support in Florida. The post-debate poll now has Trump at 17.6%. Meanwhile, Clinton’s support jumped from 58.3% to 76.5%.


“This might be called the [Alicia] Machado effect,” said Eduardo Gamarra, political science professor at FIU and director of the Latino Public Opinion Forum. Gamarra was referring to the former Miss Universe from Venezuela who became part of the national dialogue after the debate and who was criticized by Trump for several days last week.

Gamarra added that the story claiming that Trump’s company had violated the U.S. embargo against Cuba by spending money on the island, might have also been a factor in Trump losing support with Latinos, particularly in Miami, a city synonymous with its Cuban identity. In this week’s Miami-Dade portion of the NLV poll, Trump’s support dropped from 25.5% to 20%, while Clinton’s support went from 61.3% to 71.3%


“Support for Trump in Miami-Dade dropped five percent this week,” Gamarra said. “This could be the result of both the presidential debate and revelations about his alleged violation of the embargo.”

Below are the poll’s toplines for this week. (For an explanation of how Gamarra and his team organized the poll and determined the data, click here.)

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