So like I told my fellow Latino USA online editor Janice Llamoca earlier today, our listeners and our digital community will always share their ideas with us, and that is exactly what happened after Janice asked what other Latino podcasts should out team be featuring at the end of her “8 Latino Podcasts for You to Listen to Right Now” post.

Janice and I both knew that the eight shows featured in the first post (check that list here) wouldn’t even be close to how many Latino podcasts are out there right now, producing new episodes on a consistent and regular basis. The following list contains some of the shows that YOU all told us to add. And since it is after all still Hispanic Heritage Month, we are running a second list.


Intelatin is an independent monthly podcast hosted and produced by Sergio C. Muñoz. It covers a variety of topics, from film to music to good. For more episodes, click here.

Super Mamás

Hosted by new moms Paulina and Bricia Lopez, Super Mamás “provides a judgment free space where new, experienced and expecting mothers can come together to not only exchange knowledge but more importantly, provide support for one another during the emotional ups and downs of motherhood.” Check out more episodes here.

Latinos Who Lunch

FavyFav and Beblito cover it all from pop culture to art and of course, identity politics. All their episodes are here.

Notes From a Native Daughter

Host Soldanela Rivera interviews some of the most interesting and successful Latinos around. For more episodes, click here.

La Verdad Podcast

La Verdad describes itself as “a show where two urban Latinos have in depth discussions on history, music, culture, and news.” Check out all the episodes here.

Keep sending more suggestions our way. Add them below in the comments or tweet @LatinoUSA. The only caveat is that the podcast needs to be producing on a regular and consistent basis.

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