With less than two weeks until Election Day, it is safe to assume that stories about the 2016 Latino Vote will reach a fever pitch, both before and after the vote. It is also safe to assume that some of the information that will be reported might not be accurate (see Exhibit A), so I wanted to take a moment and share an embeddable map produced this year from the Pew Research Center.

The map provides a detailed breakdown of the Latino vote by state and by congressional district. It also tells the share of the Latino vote per state, the House races per district and also which states have Senate races in 2016. This data tool is a must for those who will be reporting about the 2016 Latino vote or are political geeks who love following races (I might fit both categories). If you want to embed the map on your own site or blog, just click on the EMBED link and copy the embed code. You can also download all the public data here.

And while you’re at it, check out Latino USA‘s election episodes from the past year:

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