Hillary Clinton has a 65-point lead over Donald Trump with Latino voters in the latest New Latino Voice (NLV) online tracking poll released Thursday by Florida International University and Hispanic mobile advertising company Adsmovil.

The October 10-17 results —which sampled 2,343 online Latino voters and concluded before the third presidential debate— showed Clinton with 77.7% (78% rounded up) of Latino support, with Trump at 13.1% (13% rounded down) and Other at 9.2% (9% rounded down). The NLV results were consistent with a October 3 Latino Decisions analysis predicting that Clinton’s Latino electoral support would reach historic levels.


Although Clinton stills leads Trump by a significant margin in this current NLV poll, her Latino support dropped more than six points (84.3% to 77.7%) since the last NLV poll, which was conducted between October 3-10. Despite Clinton’s drop, Trump saw an increase of less than three points.


A closer look at the NLV results revealed that Clinton has stronger support with Latina woman than with Latino men.


In addition, Trump’s Latino support mostly skewed towards an older demographic.


Other recent national polls that oversampled Latinos have shown somewhat similar results, although a Pew Hispanic poll released on October 11 shows a closer margin between Clinton (58%) and Trump (10%). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earned 10% of Latino support and Green Party candidate Jill Stein received 6%.


The Pew results show Clinton with much larger margins among Latina women, as well as Spanish-dominant or bilingual Latinos. However, unlike the NLV poll, the Pew data showed Clinton holding a larger lead with Latino non-millennials than Latino millennials.

The complete topline results of this latest NLV poll are below. (For an explanation of how the NLV poll was organized, click here.)

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