Ten immigrants rights protesters were arrested Wednesday morning at the George Washington Bridge after blocking incoming rush hour traffic into New York City, The New York Post and Gothamist reported.

A YouTube by Alexander Rubinstein (above) shows footage of the protesters and the arrests made.

The action was part of a #WeAreVisible #SomosVisible campaign by several groups demanding rights for undocumented immigrants. One of the organizers, the Laundry Workers Center, which issued a statement about the events on the bridge:

Immigrants and supporters shut down the upper level of the George Washington Bridge for 45 minutes during this morning’s rush hour, declaring “Somos visible,” or “We are visible”.

Organized by immigrant workers and grassroots organizations, including Laundry Workers Center, the non-violent protest called for the ”right of every member of our communities to be visible.”

Protesters chained themselves together on inbound upper level of bridge, unfurling a banner reading “Resist, Organized, Act Up!” Port Authority of NY/NJ police arrested 10 non-violent protesters.

“The immigrant community is tired of being in the shadows.” said Laundry Workers Center co-director Mahoma López. “For many years we are here, we contribute, we pay taxes, we build this country, but in the end, we don’t have the right to participate in the decisions at the local and national levels.”

Rosanna Rodriguez, co-director of Laundry Workers Center said, “This is a movement that brings together organizations and activists to make our pain and our power visible. #SomosVisibles!”

The campaign plans to hold a rally Wednesday evening in Union Square.

Despite getting support from several immigrant rights groups, some online reaction to the action got political rather quickly:

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