With four days to go until Election Day, Hillary Clinton has maintained commanding swing state margins over Donald Trump with Latino voters, according to a new Univision poll released Thursday. In the last poll of a three-poll series that began in September, the Democratic candidate now leads her Republican opponent by 30 points in Florida, 49 points in Arizona and 53 points in Nevada.

Graphic by Noticias Univision

When compared to 2012, Clinton’s latest swing state margins with Latinos are outperforming President Barack Obama’s performance in Florida and Nevada. In 2012, Obama won the Florida Latino vote by 21 points over Mitt Romney and Nevada margin by 47 points. Obama’s Arizona margin was 55 points.

The final swing state poll interviewed 800 registered Latino voters in Florida, 600 in Arizona and another 600 in Nevada. According to the poll organizers, the Florida margin of error was 3.5%. For Arizona and Nevada, the margin of error was 4%.

The Univision poll also shared the Latino breakdown for the Senate races in these three states. All three Democratic candidates were leading.

Graphic by Noticias Univision

The poll’s entire results and questions are here.


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