Maria Hinojosa joined the roundtable on MSNBC’s “All In With Chris Hayes” Monday night to discuss two Super Bowl ads that focused on immigration.

There was one commercial that stood out to Hinojosa and many others in the Latino community: the 84 Lumber commercial about a mother-and-daughter duo traveling through Mexico to get to the United States.

“I was really taken by the love between the daughter and the mother,” said Hinojosa about the 84 Lumber commercial, which ran during the Super Bowl.

But when Hinojosa watched the rest of the ad online, her thoughts changed about the ad’s message.

“I felt so manipulated by this because it’s the normalization of a wall… and then to normalize something that is not true,” Hinojosa said. “The notion that there is a door. That there will ever be a door in that wall and that kind of hope. I feel like it’s preying on people’s emotions.”

Hinojosa also added, “If anybody in Latin America was watching that ad, they’re thinking, ‘Oh I want to work for that company. I think I’ll go take that trek. They depend on undocumented immigrant labor to make the lumber.”

Besides the 84 Lumber ad, the panel also discussed Budweiser’s ad.

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