A comprehensive survey from Pew Research released last week reported that 54% of Latinos in the United States “are confident about their place in America” after Donald Trump’s election victory, with 41% expressing “serious concerns.”

The bilingual survey, which interviewed 1,001 Latino adults from December 7, 2016 to January 15, 2017 (five days before the inauguration), also showed a stark difference in confidence levels between U.S.-born Latinos (59% confident, 38% serious concerns), foreign-born U.S. citizens of Latino descent (60%-38%), foreign-born lawful permanent residents of Latino descent (46%-49%) and foreign-born non-citizens (and not residents) of Latino descent (39%–55%).


However, when Pew asked respondents how they felt the situation for Latinos in the U.S. has changed when compared to year ago, 32% said it was worse (a nine-point increase from 2014) while only 16% said it was better (down 11 points since 2014). In addition, 49% of respondents said the situation was about the same, a five-point drop from 2014.


The Pew survey also asked how concerned respondents were about deportations. The split between U.S.-born Latinos and foreign-born Latinos was also pronounced.


As for legislative issues that concern respondents, education took the top slot, with immigration coming in fifth.



You can read the entire report below:

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