If you love the music as much as your love our show, then you’re in luck. At the start of each week, we’ll be sharing the songs featured in our latest episode.

This week we feature the music highlighted in Which Side Are You On?.

Warning: you might become obsessed with an artist or two.

The Playlist

“Se Va” by Mateo Kingman

“Tropicoso” by Jungle Fire

“Río Abajo” by Ana Tijoux

“Gaitero” by Leo Justi

“One Way Punk” by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

“Basta Ya – Todos Somos Inmigrantes” by El Remolón

“Si Amor Llega” by Natalia Clavier

“En Son de Paz” by Frikstailers

“Outrollage (These Beats Are What I Am)” by DJ Raff

“Nada” by Natalia Clavier ft. Ticklah

“Six Pieds Sous Terre” by Chicha Libre

“Umbo (Come Down) by ÌFÉ

“3 Mujures (Iború Iboya Iboshehsé) by ÌFÉ

“House of Love (Ogbe Yekun)” by ÌFÉ

To view the full playlist on Spotify, click here.

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