At the beginning of April, The Webby Awards announced their nominations for multiple categories such as Social, Podcast & Digital Audio, Websites and one nomination stood out—Latino USA‘s sister podcast In The Thick, hosted by Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela. The political podcast In The Thick was the only Latino-hosted podcast to get a Webby nomination this year.

In a conversation with Remezcla, Hinojosa and Varela discuss breaking down important issues in politics through a POC (people of color) lens. “I’m done screaming at the television about what I hear: the same voice over and over saying the same thing and simplifying a lot of POC issues,” Varela said. “I don’t have to scream at the television anymore. I get to just hang out with Maria and go behind the mic.”

Beyond the show, Hinojosa believes that the conversation should be shared within personal family spaces. “One of the things that has been said is that Latinos aren’t engaged politically in terms of voting, because we don’t own the conversation about American politics in our homes,” Hinojosa said.

“Varela and Hinojosa are certainly leading the way,” writes Remezcla. “With this nod, they’re getting the credit they deserve. The Webby Awards give out two awards per category – one chosen by the members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and the other voted on by the rest of the internet. As the deadline for the People’s Voice nears, you can support Hinojosa and Varela by voting for In the Thick. The two are the only Latinos in their category. And though there’s some content from other Latinos in the podcast medium, Julio and Maria are also the only Latino hosts. Voting ends April 20.”

h/t Remezcla

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