Mexico City Stands in Solidarity Despite Latest Tragedy

As the confusion of the first hours after the devastating 7.1 September 19 earthquake that shook Mexico started to disappear, thousands of people in Mexico City left without electricity, cellphone reception and Internet decided to take the streets with the intention of helping whoever they could.

Little by little, survivors have been found and aid for the victims has been collected, but the road to recovery is still long, as some structures are still fragile and people remain missing. This gallery shows some of the drama, but also the solidarity of Mexicans facing tragedy.

Fallen building at the corner of Medellín and San Luis Potosí in Colonia Roma. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

Mexican army surrounding the areas with gas leaks. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

Fallen building at Álvaro Obregón No. 286 in Colonia Condesa. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

A street vendor in Colonia Roma uses candles to light her business during the first hours of the earthquake, when thousands were left with no electricity. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

Supermarket building facade on the morning of September 20, a day after the 7.1 earthquake hit. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

Fallen building in Taxqueña, a neighborhood in Mexico City. Volunteers raise their hands as a sign of silence in an attempt to hear from survivors. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

Tlalpan Avenue crowded with volunteers trying to rescue survivors form a fallen building. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

List of found children from the Rebsamen Elementary School, a school that collapsed during the earthquake. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

Tents for the victims of the earthquake in Taxqueña. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

Water bottles for the victims of the earthquake in Taxqueña. (Rodrigo Jardón/Latino USA)

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