Cultural appropriation is a hot-button topic, but it’s often only talked about in terms of white people appropriating from people of color.

So what happens when people of color appropriate from other people of color?

Latino USA‘s Maria Hinojosa and producer Zakiya Gibbons discuss how Asian-American basketball player Jeremy Lin was called out for wearing dreadlocks. Former NBA player Kenyon Martin, an African American, said Lin shouldn’t have deadlocks but then Lin pointed out that Martin has Chinese characters tattooed on himself.

Plus, can Latino rappers can use the N-word? And how do we decide whether Halloween costumes are OK or culturally appropriative?

Listen to a roundtable discussion on this and more with Brihana Gray, host of the podcast Someone’s Wrong on the Internet; John McWhorter, professor of linguistics at Columbia University and host of Slate’s podcast Lexicon Valley; and multimedia journalist at Mitú, Walter Thompson Hernandez.

Featured Image of Jeremy Lin (Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

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