As Congress debates the federal tax bill, some legislators continue to seek legal respite for undocumented youth, while immigrant rights advocates are seeking a legal pathway for the immigrant community. Over the last few weeks, families and community members have been using social media to combat negative perceptions around political narratives. Social media users are posting photos that highlight their parents’ journeys, challenges, and the lives they have built in the United States using the hashtag #OriginalDreamers.

See some posts about the #OriginalDreamers:

My parents and three older siblings came to this country, from El Salvador, about 32 years ago in search of a better life. My parents sacrificed a lot and never let us kids see them struggling. Spanish is my family's first language. Learning a new language as an adult was not easy but I am so proud of my parents. They still hold onto their culture while assimilating to their new country. I never appreciated them as much as I should have but because of them us kids get to live our dreams. My oldest sister is a CVS store manager, my other sister is a professional photographer and teacher's aide, I hope to be a councelor when I graduate in a couple years and my brothers are out in California doing their thing. I don't know if that would have been possible if we were still in our home country. Thank you Mama and Daddy for everything??♥️ #originaldreamers #dreamers

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In this photo my mom is wearing a shirt my father designed, and screen printed. My parents gave up their dreams to migrate north to pursue the dream of opportunities and a better life. I was 11 when we walked across the imaginary border and stepped on stolen native land. We got here with nothing, we lived in parks, abandoned warehouse, trap motels, and shelters. We moved around a lot across California from hood to hood. Encountered all walks of life and heartless people. We survived countless struggles. It's been a hell of a journey that I've been told to write a book about it. Their sacrifices and hard work are now my privileges. Their dream for my siblings and I to pursue our dreams is now a reality. I will forever appreciate their love, sacrifices, hard work, our journey, and struggles. #originaldreamers

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