The new year is often time for new beginnings, and with that in mind, we’re announcing some exciting changes to the Latino USA podcast!

Starting this week, we’re changing things up a little bit and bringing you a new sound. Now, each podcast episode will be a deep dive into a single story or topic relating to the Latino experience, with more of a focus on storytelling and what we like to call “narrative journalism.”

The podcasts will be shorter —usually somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes— and we’re often going to be dropping multiple podcasts per week, which will include special extended cuts of interviews with Latino creators and thinkers, thought-provoking roundtable conversations and “explainers” to help you understand what’s going on in the news.

Another part of our new sound is that we have a new theme song, composed by singer and multi-instrumentalist Xenia Rubinos, who is one of our favorite artists making music today.

Now, if change makes you a little nervous, don’t worry: on the dial, on the actual terrestrial radio, you’re going to still hear a full Latino USA hour as usual, and every Latino USA segment (plus the full radio episodes) will be available here at and our NPR show page.

So in summary: more frequent podcasts, shorter podcasts, a new theme song, and deeper dives.

We’re thrilled about these changes and we know our listeners will love the new Latino USA sound!

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