A decade ago, rapper Niña Dioz entered the hip-hop scene in Monterrey, Mexico. At the time, it was dominated by men, making her feel like an outcast not only for being a woman, but for being a lesbian. Nonetheless, her wordplay and original flows led her to rise to become one of the country’s most notable MCs.

Since then, she has moved to Los Angeles and is now releasing her third album Reyna. For Niña Dioz, the album is the most honest one she’s worked on so far, particularly because she is now open about her sexuality to all people in her life, including her conservative father.

In this installment of “How I Made It,” she joins Latino USA to discuss her career and to break down “Tambalea,” a single from her new albumfeaturing Latin alternative music notables Lido Pimienta and Ceci Bastida.

Cover image courtesy of Nacional Records.

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