In Puerto Rico, massive historic protests have been taking place island-wide demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló. While the protests have come as a response to corruption allegations and an 889-page leak that revealed Rosselló and other officials using sexist and homophobic language, for many the call for his resignation is actually a tipping point in what they perceive as years of injustice.

For this Slate episode, Latino Rebels correspondent Natalia Rodríguez Medina explains why Puerto Ricans are protesting. Latino Rebels is part of Futuro Media Group, which produces Latino USA.

“[Rosselló] is the son of a former governor,” said Rodríguez Medina, “He’s not a legacy of just Rosselló in government, but a legacy of corruption in government. His father had many many corruption scandals—he was never arrested, he was never indicted.”

Listen to the podcast below:

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