Last year, Latino USA producers spent 72 hours at CommunityHealth, a free clinic in Chicago that’s run primarily by volunteers to serve people without health insurance, including many low-income and undocumented immigrants.

As the number of cases of COVID-19 rises rapidly, free health clinics are an important line of defense against the disease. The communities they serve, like older patients, patients with chronic conditions, and those who can’t afford to stay home from work, are particularly vulnerable to the disease. As the virus overwhelms the healthcare system, some clinics face shortages of supplies, or are struggling to stay open.

For this episode, we check back in with CommunityHealth to see how it’s been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We speak with long-time patient Maria Magaña, who has been losing housecleaning work because of fear of the coronavirus spreading, and CommunityHealth’s CEO Stephanie Willding, who tells us about the operational challenges the clinic is now facing.

Featured image by Alex Charner. 

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One thought on “Checking Up On The Clinic During COVID-19

  1. As an important organization, I guess you guys know about community organizations in Chicago to help with financial aid to undocumented workers like me. 74 Unemployed with no benefits, no savings but paying taxes. We are always out of the picture but as vulnerable as everybody out there. Hopefully you guys can help me with this. Thank you.

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