Light your candles and schedule your limpia because today’s episode is all about the power of intuition.

When reporter Cindy Rodriguez was growing up, she found her mom’s spirituality and belief in intuition to be eccentric. Then one day, when Cindy was a senior in high school, she was invited on a friend’s beach trip. However, her mother had a premonition that something bad —”an accident”— would happen, so Cindy ended up not going. Later, she found out her friends were in a car accident, and one of them passed away. Ever since then, Cindy has been obsessed with intuition and wanting to understand it.

In this episode of Latino USA, Cindy explores the scientific and cultural importance of intuition. We speak to scientist Galang Lufityanto who breaks down his research into intuitive decision-making. Then, we head to the Brooklyn Brujeria festival to learn about how intuition has been a guiding force in a growing Latinx feminist movement—and how the work of women like Tatianna Tarot, Emilia Ortiz, The Mexican Witch, Luz Astral and others is helping young Latinas cope. Finally, we hear about Cindy’s journey to accept her own sense of intuition, through her relationship with her mother.

Correction: In the story there are multiple instances in which Dr. Galang Lufityanto is identified as Dr. Lufityano. We apologize for the mispronunciation of his name.

Featured image by Antonia Cereijido. 

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4 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. Hi! I enjoy this program every Sunday at 5 am in San Diego, CA.
    Born in Rio de Janeiro Brasil, I remember listening to the drums in the terrenos de macumba ( Catomble ) when I was a kid. Sometimes my mother would take me to experience the rituals and I enjoyed going with her. Also, on new years day go to Copacabana beach and deliver flowers and some treats to Yamanja. It was a wonderful time to swim in the flowered Atlantic Ocean with beautiful ladies dressed in white dresses, singing and dancing. I’ll never forget and thank you for reminding me.
    Cindy’s stories are similar to mine, my mother also depended on her spiritual/intuition to survive in Pierre Part, Louisiana, USA when we moved here in 1973.
    Three years ago I experienced a voice / premonition that woke me early in the morning that I could soon end up in jail if I didn’t change my ways and I didn’t pay great attention to it, only for a few days to have a drunk driver hit me head on as I was stopped at a red light. Because I had a few drinks earlier, I also received a DUI. I didn’t listen to either my gut feelings, intuition or the voice . Thank you, both. I’ll do my best to listen to my inner voice and my ancestor as I move forward in life. Muito Obrigado!

  2. Maria said on the show that one could come to the website to find out what music was used in any show. How do I find that information? The show on Intuition had wonderful music. Thanks!

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