We continue our investigation into the death of a man in a U.S. immigration detention center in 2015. José de Jesús turned himself into Border Patrol saying somebody was after him. Three days later, he died by suicide after stuffing a sock down his throat. In part two of this story, surveillance video reveals clues about what happened inside his cell, and an internal investigation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement answers many of our questions about what happened to José in the days leading up to his death.

For more about José’s story, visit Latino USA’s special report originally published on July 15, 2016. 

Featured image by Fernanda Echavarri/Latino USA.

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2 thoughts on “The Strange Death Of José De Jesús, Part 2

  1. I like your show. But yesterday I heard Part II of the death of Jose’ de Jes’us. I really feel that this show was very insensitive and exploitative to his family, even though they apparently agreed to be taped. I think you can do better.

  2. I was wondering if the doctor of jose knew that there would be a rebound effect when he stopped taking his Rxs?
    Did the coyote of jose actually bring him to the border was nott clear to me. Coyote would know if he(jose) was getting suicidal or not.
    Could Jose have just gone to visit his sister by airplane and just stay up there and hide? This show was gut wrenching and yes I can definitely verify that families keep their personal life away from doctors(mom from south america, dad from spain).
    I think its safer to stay south of the border, work for the church, and see if they can get you in to be citizen(or give everyone full bright-thanks to mom and dad both are)BUT watch yourself agianst the pediophile priests.

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