Mimy Succar, a talented singer and performer, broke into the music scene in 2023 but her success was decades in the making, and came with the help of her family.

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When Mimy arrived with her three kids and husband in Miami over three decades ago, she had a dream in the back of her mind. 

At a young age, Mimy always loved to sing. She was born in Peru to a Japanese family and while she never fully learned the language, she understood it and maintained the traditions of her grandparents. A proud Nikkei, someone who identifies as Japanese but is born outside of Japan, Mimy started singing in Japanese. 

She began experimenting with new rhythms when she met her husband who played the piano. Together, they had a band that played throughout Lima But in the late 80s, they didn’t see a future for their family and moved to Miami with their children. 

One day, Mimy’s aunt said to her, “Why don’t you start a band like you had in Peru?” And so Mimy and her husband set out to learn more about the Cuban rhythms that surrounded them to pick up gigs and compete in the Miami music scene. 

“The other level, for me, will be very difficult, because maybe my husband and I have to fly to a concert in another country, and how can my children be?,” Mimy said. “So I said, no, it’s okay, maybe in the future.”

Superstardom was far from her plans—or so she thought.

Her children Claudia, Tony and Kenji started to show interest in the band. Mimy and her husband rehearsed at their house, so from very young ages, their kids were exposed to a vast array of instrumentation. 

Tony, now an accomplished percussionist, composer and producer, achieved success young. In 2019, at the age of 33, he won the coveted Producer of the Year Award and Best Salsa Album at the Latin Grammys. While he didn’t immediately think of collaborating with his mother, it was an idea that became a reality after Mimy surprised Tony on The Voice Senior in Peru, where he was a judge. 

The album “Mimy and Tony” was released and nominated for a Grammy in 2024, more than three decades after Mimy’s arrival in Miami. The critically acclaimed album includes collaborations with heavy hitters like La India, Orquesta de la Luz, and Jose Alberto “El Canario.” 

In this episode of Latino USA, Mimy and Tony show us how, with the right timing and your family, nothing can get in the way.

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