Luna Luna is a four member band from different walks of life.

The band consists of vocalist Kevin Gonzalez, back-up vocalist/keyboardist Danny Bonilla, drummer Kaylin Martinez and bassist Ryan Gordon.

They’re known for mixing nostalgic sounds of the past and fusing them with elements of funk and dream-like pop.

“Fans have come up and told us, ‘Oh my God, your music got me through your breakup,’ or, ‘We met each other through your music,’” Gordon said. “We hear that a lot, and that’s reassuring like, wow, we’re really onto something as a group, as a collective, as the vision being there and it’s just a beautiful thing to see that that’s resonating like that.”

Photo: Jinni J.

The band has recently been back on the road performing across the country. “I’m really grateful to be playing with these wonderful people,” Martinez said. “They’ve helped me create a family away from my own.”

In this episode of Latino USA, we learn more about the people behind Luna Luna and hear how they say the universe and destiny have brought them together to let them live out their wildest dreams.

Featured image courtesy of Jinni J.

This episode originally aired in August of 2022. 

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