Yes, we know, we're still a year away from Election Day but just a few months from the primaries, and everywhere you look there are endless stories about the candidates.

Many politicians and pundits seem to think the Latino Vote is monolithic. At Latino USA, we know that’s not true, and we meet a family that exemplifies the political diversity of Latino voters. But what happens with Latinos who don’t vote or run for office? We go to a town that is majority-Latino, where representation matters. We look at Latino voters, Latino millennials and how they vote. Plus, a little Hispandering fun.

The Latino electorate has been growing and is expected to continue to grow. That’s something we will keep coming back to as we cover politics leading up to the presidential election. Examining the dramatic demographic shift in the U.S. through data and trends is at the core of another project we produce called AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS, which began as a series on PBS. To kick off our 2016 election coverage Latino USA and ABTN wanted to answer the question of just what is the “Latino Vote” anyway.

Stories from AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS: What Is the Latino Vote?

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