In the U.S., Columbus Day is a federal holiday in honor of the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus—and it’s a day of Italian-American celebration. But not everyone is on board with celebrating Columbus. His colonization led to the bloodshed of Indigenous people and while he did arrive to the Americas, he never set foot in North America. Over the past few decades, there has been a growing movement to officially replace the holiday with a day of recognition for Indigenous people. Latino USA explores the movement to change the holiday, and pays a visit to one of the latest states to make Indigenous Peoples’ Day official: Maine.

Also, Latino USA explores the world of bilingual parenting through the story of two Dominican-American siblings growing up in the South, one who was drawn to Spanish and the other who never wanted to speak it.

One thought on “Episode #1943: Indigenous Peoples’ Day And Learning Spanish

  1. Hi there, I am planning to play this for my 8th grade Social Studies class. Many of them are english learners and listening is sometimes difficult. Is there a transcript of this episode?

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