In most of the country when someone says they are going to Coachella, it means they are going to the incredibly popular music festival where girls wear jean shorts and flower crowns. But for many who grew up in the Coachella Valley in California, their experience has nothing to do with EDM music or partying.

Coachella is divided into two parts: the West Side and the East Side. On the West Side, there are beautiful homes with large front and backyards. Fifteen percent of all golf courses in California are there, and it tends to be predominantly white. On the east side, you find the mobile homes of the mostly immigrant Mexican and Mexican American communities who go to the west side to do landscaping and house cleaning, or work in the agriculture fields. The differences between the two sides are stark but there is one difference that has a particularly harsh health impact: access to clean water.

In this episode, Latino USA  travels to the Coachella Valley to look at the valley’s poor access to clean water.

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