Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma is tied with The Favourite for the film with the most Oscar nominations this year. The film has been groundbreaking in many ways—it is one of the rare foreign language films to be nominated for Best Picture and its star Yalitza Aparicio is the first indigenous, Latina woman to be nominated for Best Actress. But Roma, which was distributed by Netflix, is just the latest in a long legacy of Hollywood films made in Mexico.

That legacy is the subject of Luis Reyes’ latest book Made in Mexico: Hollywood South of the Border. Here, Reyes recounts his favorite behind-the-scenes stories and discusses whether he thinks Roma has created a new relationship between Hollywood and the country that has been the backdrop of many of its fantasies, Mexico.

Also, a roundtable of Latinx film critics discuss diversity in the field, and a new installment of “How I Made It” featuring the band Making Movies.

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