Andalusia Knoll Soloff

Andalusia Knoll Soloff is a multimedia journalist based in Mexico City who specializes in state violence, migration, indigenous land struggles and gender-based murders in Latin America. In her reporting, Andalusia seeks to center the voices of those most affected by these crisis and violence by focusing on their human dignity and resilience.

Her work has appeared on Democracy Now!, VICE News, HBO, AJ+, BBC, NBC, The Intercept, Teen Vogue, New York Magazine, ZDF, and La Jornada. Andalusia is the author of Alive You Took Them, a graphic novel about the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students.

She is the co-founder of the new journalist organization, Frontline Freelance México which advocates for freelancers rights and press freedom. Andalusia has been awarded The Intercept/ScreeningRoom/Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival short film grant, The IWMF Adelante Fellowship and the PRENDE Ibero Scholarship.

When she’s not reporting, she carves linoleum prints, dj’s punk, hip hop and cumbia and rides her bike in the frightening Mexico City traffic. You can follow Andalusia on twitter or instagram @andalalucha.