Patricia Sulbarán

Patricia Sulbarán is a multimedia reporter and producer whose experience has focused on delivering breaking news and enterprise stories to international and multicultural audiences. Born and raised in Venezuela, she developed her career as a radio producer in Colombia and spent more than five years working with the BBC in the United States as a bilingual reporter and producer for the web BBC Mundo and more recently as a correspondent for BBC Mundo in Los Angeles.

Her latest work has mainly focused on the experience of Latinx communities in the United States and how they are impacted by local and national policies from a character-driven perspective. Her coverage of Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, migration from rural Guatemala and conditions of immigrant detention during the COVID-19 pandemic has been translated and published throughout various BBC outputs, as well as her coverage of breaking news events such as the 2020 U.S. presidential election and the Parkland High School and El Paso mass shootings. She also produced and presented TV and radio documentaries about femicide and violence against women in El Salvador and has covered elections and referendums in Colombia and Venezuela for the BBC.