How to Pitch to Latino USA:

So you want to pitch to Latino USA! That’s awesome! If you’re here you’re hopefully familiar with our show.

We’re looking for surprising, unusual stories all the time. We want characters and situations where something interesting happens. We are called Latino USA, so bring a Latino angle to the table—and by that, we mean great stories that happen to have Latino characters in them, not necessarily stories about being Latino. You can learn more about the types of stories we go for by checking out our Ten Commandments for a Good Story below. It’ll give you a sense of our style and tone.

Want something more specific? Here are the topics we’re currently interested in:


Do you have a fabulous print story that begs to be told in sound? Does it have characters? Does it have a big reveal? Pitch it to us and we can make your words sing, sometimes literally.

History, Today

What’s something that happened in the past that’s still affecting something in the present? We want to hear it!


Latino USA’s 10 Commandments for a Good Story

Thou Shalt Have a Beginning, Middle and End

A story has to have parts. All parts are important.

Thou Shalt Not Radiosplain: Show Don’t Tell

Find a way to show what growing up bilingual is like, don’t just say “growing up bilingual was challenging.”

Thou Shalt Always Have Conflict

…even if there is no resolution. AKA something has to happen in order for there to be a story.

Thou Shalt Have a Point

AKA What’s the BIG IDEA. Why are we listening to this?

Thou Shalt Have Character(s)

Interesting people, a voice, someone that speaks in a compelling way–and you as the narrator should also have character.

Thou Shalt Have a Twist

…that goes beyond “but it’s Latino!” AKA the story can’t go “but the KICKER is this cop/cheerleader/sushi chef is LATINO.”

Thou Shalt Paint Pictures (Sights, Sounds, Descriptions) Like a Movie

…not like an essay. Reading is fundamental, but we’re only interested in drag queen reads.

Thou Shalt Speak Truth

…especially uncomfortable truth. Honesty is best.

Thou Shalt Not Use Unnecessary Spanish or Create Pointless Spanglish

Don’t call a stomach a pancita without a good reason.

Thou Shalt Avoid Tropes

Suffering moms, border crossing, abuelitas that do abuelita things, pulling yourselves by the bootstraps, dishwashers or parking attendants with hearts of gold, LOL bc SPANISH, etc.

Of course, some if these commandments CAN be broken, but you should choose carefully when and why, and most of the time, you shouldn’t break these. With this is mind, fill out the form below to pitch us or email us at!

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