The world of high fashion is often criticized as being inaccessible to people of color. Legendary supermodels Naomi Campbell and Iman called out some of the biggest fashion designers for not including people of color in their campaigns.

A recent lawsuit has been filed against the high-end department store Barney’s for discrimination against shoppers of color, and Oprah Winfrey says a Swiss Boutique refused to let her see an expensive handbag. Some good news, though. The world’s most famous luxury shoe designer has taken a step in the right direction. Christian Louboutin’s newest design is a line of 5 “nude” shoes to match a range of skin tones. Maria Hinojosa talks to Xojane fashion blogger Veronica Marché-Miller about what this means for women of color.


Veronica Marché Miller is an illustrator and writer based in Philadelphia, PA. She runs a freelance illustration business serving women of color and organizations that serve them, and past clients include The Red Pump Project, Sports and the City and Contradiction Dance. Veronica also writes about fashion for, focusing on the fashion industry’s relationship with women of color.

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